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TrumpetStudio is a Toronto-based Brass Quintet available for Weddings, Church Services, and Corporate Functions

Music Session

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Jazz band

Our Jazz band got some serious fans. Like top 20 jazz bands in the world kinda fans.


The glorious sound of the trumpet will heighten the emotion of this most memorable moment of your wedding day

Standard Training

All our musicians go through 3 years of rigorous training before joining us.

Church Service

Solos during the prelude, postlude, and/or anthem
Accompaniment to hymns with possible descants

Band Review
Active work hours
International awards
Professional services

It’s not too late to join the C-flats!

The C-flats is a youth jazz ensemble based at Leaside United Church, located near Bayview and Millwood in Toronto. The group plays jazzy arrangements of gospel and spiritual music at selected church services. The ages of students in the group ranges from grade 8 to grade 12 (although advanced grade 7 players have participated in the past). The students must have access to an instrument, and be willing to commit to rehearsals once a week. Parts are composed to suit a diverse range of abilities, and any instrument is welcome to join the group.


What does it take to have faith in Christ?


How many times in our lives have we been consumed by fear that we trembled not knowing what to do? How many times have we cried ourselves to sleep not knowing what to do with our lives? Living on this earth has never been easy for anyone. All of us are burdened with some trouble, but it is up to us to find hope which will provide a path for us to lead our lives. None of us knows what the future holds for us, and as Christians, we put our trusts in God and hope to have a good life.

In the Bible, we read about how God says just by having faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains. Just by simply believing that God can do wonders with your life no matter how you have ruined it will help you fight all your problems and the following are some of the ways in which you can build your faith in Christ.

Have a relationship with God:


After Jesus died for us on the cross, we can talk to God and have a personal relationship with him. When we trust that he will take care of us no matter how bad our situation is, we will start to put our hopes in him. Only when you have faith in someone, you will be able to trust that person. So if you want to have faith in God you need to build your relationship with him.

Read the word and do it in actions:

We read so many things in the bible, but most of us don’t practise what we read. We read about having faith in God, but when the storms in our lives surround us, we forget about what we read and focus on the storms. When fear surrounds us, it can be very hard to find peace and trust someone but always remember that there is a God above who will never let you down no matter what happens as you are his child.

Be patient and wait on the Lord:


The Bible talks about being patient, and it also talks about how God will execute everything at the right time. So if you are worried about something which hasn’t happened in your life or if you have been waiting for something for a long time, have some patience and wait on the Lord. He will supply your needs according to his riches and glories.

Faith is about believing what you can’t see:

Everyone can easily believe what they can see with their eyes, but faith is about believing what the word of God says. You might be in a position where everything might seem hopeless but when you blindly believe in the word of God you will start to have faith in God.

What it means to be a Christian


We all have heard the word “Christian” at least once in our lives, but what exactly do we mean by that. For some Christians are people, who have Christianity as their religion. Some people think Christians can’t watch movies or have a good time or even have a beer with friends occasionally. If you are a person, who has been thinking that Christianity is about following a set of rules and regulations you are wrong. Christianity is not a religion; it is the relationship we have with Christ.

The Bible talks about laws and regulations in the Old Testament, but those were given to the people so that it will change people from the inside and become closer to God. When you have a strong relationship with God your heart turns, and you change from within, and that will urge you to do what is right, and you will no longer have to be controlled by any law.

Relationship with God:


In the New Testament, we talk about how God himself had to come to the earth as a man to die for all our sins. The wages of sin is death but as God so love the world that he begot his only son to die for all the sins of man so that we can be saved. Life is not the same after Jesus the son of God took upon all our sins and died on the cross.

Change from within:

Old Testament in the bible is the period before Jesus came into the world to die for all our sins. All of us live in the New Testament, and thus we are changed from within when we know the Gospel of Christ. When we understand that gospel, we change from within, and that is when you call yourself a born-again Christian. Born again does not mean that you have to literally be born again cause that does not make any sense as you are born only once. It means that you are washed by the blood of Christ where your sins are cleansed. When you accept Jesus as your saviour, you become a new creation, and that’s when you get born again in Christ.

The term Christian confuses many people and many people who call themselves Christians also don’t really know what it means to be a Christian. Just because they are born in a Christian family or happen to follow the religion blindly, it does not make them a Christian or “Christ-like”.

We, humans, are filled with sins, and when Christ died on that cross his blood covers our sins so that we can have a direct contact with God himself; this is why you don’t have to go behind any pastors or priests or the best churches in the world to talk to God. You are the temple of God, and you can talk to God whenever you want, wherever you want, and that is the fellowship we need to have in Christ.

Choir head, Andrew Jester, is known for his outstanding performances throughout the globe.  He is now our full time coach and arrangements head.

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